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Hobb’s Brook Project passes unanimously by budget board and selectmen

Recently at the March budget reconciliation meeting, the budget board and select board voted unanimously to recommend voters’ funding of Hobb’s Brook Project.

The Hobb’s Brook parcel is a 70-acre tract located in Wells Branch on the south side of the Meetinghouse Road, abutting two other parcels of conserved open space. The primary plant community is mature oak-pine forest through which a tributary of the Merriland River, Hobb’s Brook, meanders beneath high canopy.  Acquisition will protect Hobb’s Brook, a major tributary of the Merriland River, whose watershed is the highest priority of the Town’s Conservation Planning.

Please help to protect Hobb’s Brook by supporting the project’s funding at the June town meeting. Votes can be cast on June 12th from 8 am to 8 pm at Wells Junior High School off of route one.